More German street art…

I was in Viersen this week and I spotted plenty more interesting street art.

To start with, there was this group of figures playing boule…

A game of boule...

Then there was a strange bee-hive which seemed to be home to a range of weird bugs.

Beehive... or bug-basket?

Then there was a bishop sitting amidst a range of weird creatures…

Doctor Doolittle or St. Francis of the hallucinogenic pills?

A few details of the surrounding statues…

Cluck cluck


A little further away there was a pair of angels engaged in WWE wrestling… or something…

Ready for the smack-down?

…or possibly it was Icarus being caught by a very skilled out-fielder…

Icarus caught out on the boundary...



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3 responses to “More German street art…

  1. Mairead

    The wrestling one could be Jacob who wrestled with God from Genesis?

    No idea on the BIshop – could well be St Francis of Assisi!!!

  2. The hallucinogenic fountain immediately looked familiar to me, not because I’m hallucinating obviously, but because my town has a fountain with statues from the same sculptor: Gernot Rumpf. This fountain shows Saint Remigius but I don’t know what all the weird stuff is about. His style is immediately distinguishable. He has a crazy fountain with sculptures in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse too. I’ve linked my blog with a picture of it. I’m going to add more pictures…one of these days. That fountain is really weird too with a half-woman, half-bird thing. In the Pfalz, there are quite a few fountains by him; that I know of and have seen personally, there are fountains in Neustadt, Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, and he has a monkey in Heidelberg (okay, the last one isn’t the Pfalz).

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