So here we are in August…

… and in the shops you can see amazing bright coloured cardboard cones everywhere.

Starting school in Germany

Like a Christmas stocking on the first school day

These are essential accessories for every child starting school for the first time. Their parents fill the cone with sweets and little gifts (often school related, like pencils and crayons) and the child takes it to school on the first day. At the end of the first school day, they are allowed to open it and have all the contents. Of course school-life goes downhill rapidly from this glorious start!

Of course the end of August is the right time for these cones to be in the shops.

I was rather less enthusiastic to find the first flush of Christmas Lebkuchen clogging the aisles though.

German Christmas biscuits

Premature Christmas Fare...

I know the weather’s been chilly… but surely nobody thinks it’s Christmas yet?




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10 responses to “So here we are in August…

  1. You can’t be unenthusiastic about Lebkuchen because it means it will be shortly followed by those Spartakus biscuits (or whatever they are called) Spekulatius..that’s it… those x

    • I will hereby forever call them Spartakus biscuits, because that is awesome.

      I’ve started seeing Lebkuchen too…I didn’t even connect it to Christmas because it’s so unbelievably early! I thought they were becoming some kind of year-round thing!

  2. Which supermarket was that? I need to check our local EDEKA tomorrow to see what they have in store for us… already.

  3. The cones are different and a fun idea. Here in Christchurch there’s a Christmas shop opened already – despite the earthquakes.

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  5. With the weather outside the way it is this evening, a glass of Glühwein sounds very tempting!

  6. i was a bit disappointed about this summer, lack of hot temperatures.
    usually i love to enjoy my first “lebkuchen” by the end of august and temps up to 28°C

    meanwhile every grocery shop offers christmas candy and sweets – unfortunately you can.t get them really the week before christmas.

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