A weekend in the Eifel

We spent this weekend in the hilly Vulkaneifel region of Germany, visiting the pretty town of Kaisersesch.

The first thing we noticed was that something about the spire of the church next to our hotel didn’t seem quite right.

kaisersesch turm

Had the spire-builders been on the schnapps?

In fact from below it looked a bit like a witch’s hat…

Wonky spire... with a brim

The historic prison building had forgotton to release this chap when it finally stopped being a jail and started being a museum…

Could anyone lend me a nail file?

Other statues in the town seemed to be having more fun….

Come on in! The water's lovely!

Typical local postal worker?




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5 responses to “A weekend in the Eifel

  1. This could not be legal in Germany – to have such a crooked spire.
    Vee cannot tolerate sis!
    Where are the complaints? Or better yet, why is it OK? Did you check out the history on this?
    Or is this the same town where people drink home-made urine-coloured Schnapps…?:-) No further questions asked.

  2. Eifel is a nice city lovely blog fotos, greeting from Belgium

  3. Cathy

    I spent a year living in the beautiful Eifel about 5 kilometers from K’esch (towards the Mosel) on high school exchange many years ago…what a treat to see it mentioned on your blog! Truly an underappreciated part of the country. Love your blog!

  4. The St. Lambertus church in Düsseldorf has a similar twisted spire on the tower. I read it was because the wood was wet when they build it and when drying it started to twist 🙂

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