Sniff a German bum today!

You’ve got to love German marketing. Not content with a penchant for moist toilet tissue, the Germans are now marketing the aforementioned product with a delightful image of a lady in very close proximity to someone’s rear end. She appears to be conducting a bottom inspection. Possibly giving it the sniff test. Though judging by the way she’s wrinkling her nose, I’m not sure this one passed muster.

Sniff that bottom!

Perhaps there’s a whole new cultural ritual I’ve been missing all this time. Obviously I know that dogs like to check out each other’s rear ends, but I wasn’t aware that Germans do this too!


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12 responses to “Sniff a German bum today!

  1. The lady is not sniffing, she is about to kiss – not much of a difference, but there is a difference!

    The subtleties of a foreign language – don’t you just love them 😉

    • Tsk Angelika. You shouldn’t be led astray by the manufacturer’s text. If you hadn’t read the words “frisch geküsst” what would your eyes tell you the woman in the image was doing? You could add any number of strap-lines to that image … such as “Puuuuh! Igitt!” or “Ja, ich sehe ein bißchen Kaka dort hängen….” In fact, we could have a caption contest!

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  3. OMG! That is so funny…and bizarre!

  4. ha ha, that’s brilliant! I’ve never seen that before!!! I’ll have to keep an eye out for the bum sniffing lady next time I hit the shops!

  5. What marketing wizz thought that up?

  6. Tyzao

    looks like baby wipes to me

  7. I saw this brand too while out shopping and me and my husband had a good laugh about their rather upfront advertising.

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