The Chimpanzee that played Hitler – Obitury

I was sorry today to learn of the death of Cheetah the Chimpanzee.  As most people know, all elderly Americans retire to Florida at some stage, and the well known actor from the Tarzan films was no exception, living out his twilight years in an old chimps’ home on the panhandle.

What not so many people know is that Cheetah was one of the best impersonators of Hitler in Hollywood. As a fitting obitury to the great actor of the Tarzan films, I’d like to share this clip of Cheetah in his best role.  Enjoy!


Filed under comedy, German video, World War 2

2 responses to “The Chimpanzee that played Hitler – Obitury

  1. ssbuckmaster

    Ha, everything’s funny when a chimp does it.

  2. Obituary, not obitury. You are losing your Britishness.

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