Altweiberfastnacht in Germany

This morning just before 11 a strange crowd of German women will be assembling in front of our town hall… this is Altweiberfastnacht, one of the most important dates in the local calendar for Jecken (fools), and these are the Altweiber (old women) or Möhne (hags) as they are known locally . At exactly 11 minutes past 11 o’clock, the Möhne will storm the town hall, oust the mayor from office and install their carnival prince in his place. They will “emasculate” the mayor symbolically by snipping off his tie. Every other male in Germany is liable to suffer the same fate… so not a day to put on the best Hermes in your wardrobe…

Altweiber or Möhne as they are known locally


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6 responses to “Altweiberfastnacht in Germany

  1. These German hags seem to be wearing British hats…:-) On loan from you? Just kidding.
    Great post and wonderful photo.

  2. So many hags and so few ties… do they draw lots?

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  4. I always enjoyed canaval In Holland they choose Prins Canaval on the 11th of the 11th Month

  5. Jimpi

    Ich amüsiere mich gerade köstlich über diese Posts über die Deutschen 😀 alle Klischees werden aufgefasst 😀 außer -> die Wahrheit 😀
    Aber es ist interessant zu sehen wie ihr Briten über uns denkt 🙂

  6. Anne Hensel Realtor

    I was born and raised in Cologne Germany and lived their for 30 years. I still miss Karneval !!!

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