Easter in Germany – chocolate galore!

Now that Karneval is over we are into Lent and living on a diet of Bullshitters of the Lord and Nuns Farts.  But there is hope in sight. Easter is just around the corner… already the shops are starting to fill up with fine Easter fare. And lets face it, nobody makes Easter look more chocolatey and delicious than the Germans.  Come Easter Sunday, chocolate rabbits and eggs will be the breakfast, lunch and dinner of choice for anyone under the age of…. er…probably 95…



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5 responses to “Easter in Germany – chocolate galore!

  1. I tell you what, it doesn’t look like that in our local Lidl.

  2. It doesn’t look like that in our supermarket either. What a wonderful, enticing array.

  3. OK – I admit our supermarket doesn’t look like this either – this was taken in Aachen at the weekend… one of those posh shops up near the Dom. I think it’s really mean of them, putting on a display like that during Lent…

  4. Ah good for Germany holding with tradition. It’s nearly 50 years since I spent an Easter there but it doesn’t seem to have changed.

    Here it’s now tatty. Few take their children to roll their eggs or on a picnic and now all that matters is who receives the most expensive (not necessarily the best) chocolate egg. Sad.

  5. Ran across this by chance and was enchanted by the photograph. It evokes memories of beautiful chocolates brought home by a friend from Germany, at Eastertime!

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