German men… we know your secret!

I was out and about this week when I spotted a new brand of aftershave on the shelves of a German drugstore.  Scotish Man. Not Scottish… no, Scotish.  In the same way that the word “posh” is pronounced with a long O if you want it to sound really really posh.  Or it might possibly be a veiled allusion to the scone pronunciation dilemma which dogs all corners of the British Isles and makes us end up ordering crumpets instead.

Aspirational stuff for Germans?

This is clearly an aspirational product for the Germans.  Who could resist the lure of a German who smells like a Scotsman? Of course, the big question is, what does a Scotsman actually smell like? Is this fragrance composed using delicate notes of sea breezes, heather and bracken, or are we talking about undertones of deep-fat fried Mars bars, haggis, neeps, whisky and irn bru? Will there be a lingering after-scent of caber-tosser’s armpit, or kilt-wearer’s privates?

I was intrigued, on inspecting the back of the packaging, to find that this particular eau de toilette (and I use the French term in a Celtic context here) is manufactured in Poland. Could it be that the canny Scots are actually exporting their body odours to Eastern Europe to provide the raw ingredients for this olefactory delight?

I think finally we may have discovered the must-have gift for the smelly German in our lives.



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8 responses to “German men… we know your secret!

  1. Shame they can’t spell, either…..

  2. Hahaha!

    (But, when put into context of the air fresheners you’ve featured on here previously – it could be worse! *shudder*)

    I am still not coming to terms with the fact that most deodorants advertise 48 hour protection – and some have even expanded that to 72!! (Not looking forward to public transport in summer!)

  3. Neil Hunter

    well my wife know exactly how a Scotsman should smell, I must let her have a whiff ….which Drogerie did you find it ?

    • Well… I’m guessing it will already have sold out… but it was a certain Drogerie which attracts rather dodgy looking blokes. You’ll know where to look I take it…

  4. Neil Hunter

    Indeed ! nuff said *wink*

  5. Alex Caledin

    I bought that stuff too, here in Samara, Russia !

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