A retro police car spotted on the Autobahn

I was on the Autobahn to Köln this morning when I was overtaken by what appeared to be a pretty ancient police vehicle. Still in the old green livery, although most of the police vehicles around us have been converted to blue.

old police car

Left over from the 1980s?

It’s hard to believe that an old banger like this is still in service for the police – although the licence plate looks real enough. Maybe there’s a veterans’ reunion taking place? A secret policemen’s ball? Or was it a film shoot for a retro episode of Tatort?

Best guesses in the comments please!



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10 responses to “A retro police car spotted on the Autobahn

  1. A not-so-bright car thief looking for an unobtrusive getaway car?

  2. Mike

    A blast from the past. Cool.

  3. Maybe it’s from the museum that I drove past on my way back from Rügen yesterday? http://www.blaulichtmuseum-beuster.de/

  4. Neil Hunter

    old banger indeed ! we had a Passat 32b for 19 years and 340000km without a major hitch, we only sold it last year, snapped up on Ebay after 45 mins and a bloke came all the way from Nürnberg to get it, she was a great car ! The only thing I hate about the police ones are the siren/light, looks really teutonic !

    • Maybe that white square in the back window is a For Sale sign… I couldn’t read it… I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses… 🙂
      You could snap yourself a bargain there Neil!

  5. Neil Hunter

    Nah,I get a company Jollopy now so only one private car ….

  6. Maybe they took it out for one last drive to see if it was eligible for the Abwrackprämie.

  7. MJ

    My guess is Zoll / German Customs. They tend to get the police hand-me-downs.

  8. CS

    It’s part of the historical collection of the police of North Rhine Westphalia.

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