German beauty branding fail!

I was in the German town of Brüggen this morning when I spotted a couple of hair and beauty salons.

Their names definitely did not tempt me to go in….

German hairdresser

Hairstyling for the brave… or the bald?

Beauty free

Beauty free …. hang on, that means ugly, right?




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2 responses to “German beauty branding fail!

  1. Mike

    They got it backwards I guess huh? Killer hair and Free beauty would’ve worked nicely.

  2. It’s apparently ‘cool’ to use English words in German…working in an office with Germans, it always amuses me when they slip in the odd English word…but these are perfect examples of when it’s not a good idea!! Another favourite fail of mine (and always makes me long for decent shopping at home) is the shop ‘Mister Lady’ . I just cannot fathom where they get these names from!! But it’s always nice (funny) to see how our language is used abroad.

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