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What do you call a German biscuit?

Germans are remarkably restrained when it comes to biscuits (that’s cookies to any readers from over the pond). For eleven months of the year, that is. As soon as Advent comes around, this changes. Traditionally the Germans bake “Plätzchen” … a wide variety of different types of Christmas biscuits… and the entire month of December turns into one long gluttonous cookie-fest.

There are lots of different types… Lebkuchen, Zimtsterne, Streuseltaler, Mandelhappen, Spritzgebäck… so it was no wonder, I felt, that when I came across this pack in the local supermarket, that the product manager had somehow failed to come up with a name for this brand of biscuits. Maybe inspiration was in short supply… maybe the biscuits are rubbish…. maybe he or she was in a rush. But, honestly…. Butterzeug?

(For non-German speakers, Butterzeug translates directly as “butter-stuff”).

My favourite theory though, was that the product manager had sampled a little too much of one of the competitor’s brands.



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