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Beautifying the German countryside

I do like the way that some of our local farmers fill in any spare scraps of land with flowers or odd rows of beans and courgettes. It makes a much prettier view than just one solid single crop. I imagine it also attracts more bees and butterflies.

Flowers and crops in Germany

A few flowers and vegetables growing alongside the maize


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Amazing German flower arrangements

I was in Viersen today and I came across these flower arrangements in the town centre. Clearly the municipal gardeners are quite innovative!

Well… either that or the town has been invaded by ten-foot high scary alien flower-people. And flower-chickens.

Flower man

Ten-foot tall alien-flower-person?

Flower girl

We come in peace. Step into the floral force-field…

Flower girl

Take us to your leader…

Flower chicken

Our alien-giant-flower-chicken will invade your town centre and mow down any bicycles which cross its path…


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