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Meet Bambi’s evil twin…

I spotted a deer the other day, lurking way up the far end of the orchard. I suspect he’d come to scrump windfall apples.

I did take a picture… but as the camera’s flash was on, it’s come out looking like Bambi’s evil twin. Now I’m spooked and daren’t go down into the orchard…

Talking of weird creatures in the garden, I found an insect the other day which was also pretty scary. It was like a grasshopper but much bigger… I fear it might be an advance scout for a locust plague. In which case I won’t be making home made wine this year after all!

More cute.. but even less cuddly, we found a baby hedgehog the other night too. He was hiding under the car, so we moved him out of the way.

He was very pleased when we offered him a bowl of catfood.

In fact when I went back later, he’d actually climbed into the bowl to eat it. I didn’t  photograph that though, because everytime the flash went off, he rolled up into a ball. So I decided not to take any more pictures of him. That way I can’t be held responsible for a lifetime of hedgehog trauma counselling…


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