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Strange German Easter customs

One of the unusual events you can watch around Easter time is the strange sport practised in the village of Buldern in Westphalia.  It is known as Osterhasseln. It involves two teams, one from the East and one from the West of the village lining up in the street and hurling a wooden disk (known as the Hassel) at each other.  The purpose is to get the disk over a line drawn on the street which is the opponent’s territory.

Due to the high risk of bone fractures, the players tend to tape foam padding around their legs… which adds to the overall sense of the bizarre….



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The strangest German news stories of 2010

Bizarrely enough, there are some people who accuse Germany – indeed the entire German speaking region –  of being boring.

In fact, Germany, Austria and Switzerland are incredibly quirky, fascinating and downright weird.  You just have to know where to look.

I have pulled together a collection of some of the stranger news stories about the region from 2010, just to illustrate how mind-bendingly bizarre the Germanic world can be.

The pub in Austria which is shaped like a rectum

OK, so Austria is sometimes described as the arse-end of nowhere… this must surely refer to the Bar Rectum in Vienna. A pub which is shaped like a giant anus.  Don’t ask me why. Apparently it’s art.

Buy a Thuringian pothole

Are you still searching for that perfect Christmas gift for the person who has everything? Well, here’s something they probably don’t have – a Thuringian pothole. You can add your own personal message to it, if you like. The only thing you can’t do is gift wrap it and take it home.

Artificial glaciers grown in the Black Forest

Worried about global warming? Fret no more… German scientists have found out how to grow artificial glaciers to boost tourism and provide alternative water supplies. I’m thinking of creating my own Alpine ski resort in my back garden actually.

F*cking Hell Beer

The residents of the most famous village in Austria are up in arms because a German brewer has started producing a light beer which uses their name. The F*cking mayor is not amused. In fact the whole F*cking community is up in arms.

Three year old visits the afterlife – lives to tell the tale

There can’t be many three year olds who have visited their dead relatives, but this nipper from Brandenburg popped up to see his great-grandmother.

German woman abandons drunk husband in Austria

As you do.  The bit I liked about this story was the reaction of the police – suggesting she make her husband and the dog swap seats in the car next time…

German pensioner attacks bus driver with knobbly stick

Regulars on this blog will know that I am a fan of the correctly wielded knobbly stick – though I should stress that attacking the bus driver with one on the German Autobahn is inadvisable for a number of reasons.

Scientists create emotionally sensitive men

Drunk husbands and knobbly-stick wielders beware… your days could be numbered….

Man from Saxony marries his dying cat

Hmmm…. I smell a life-insurance scam here….

German police arrest a perfectly law abiding crocodile

The croc was framed!

Man dangles his neighbour from balcony for smoking cigarette

Now that’s what I call enforcing the smoking ban…

Bundesliga stars made to train in pink leotards

Apparently it’s motivational…

Radioactive boar increasing in Germany

Self micro-waving pork anyone?

Dead dachshund dodges paying its TV licence

Dachshunds are untrustworthy at the best of times. Cats, on the other hand, always pay their dues.

A Berlin restaurant for cannibals asked diners to donate body parts for the menu

Apparently a three course meal there could cost you an arm and a leg….

Elephant exonerated for attack on Jena woman

Jumbo entirely justified in throwing her across field.

Berlin museum opened a dramatic exhibition of pickled animals

I prefer pickled gherkins…

Tanker of Dutch pig manure explodes in Köln

Creates urgent need for eau de Cologne…

Dropping pants in public is OK in Germany – but only if you’re Australian

It’s perfectly normal in Australia, apparently.

Oh Cannabis tree

Police were surprised to raid a house and find the decorated Christmas tree was not as it seemed…

Penis boxing game developed

Fights aids. Apparently.

Bad Santa lives in Germany

Caught on CCTV.


What other weird stories did I miss?

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