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The best German fairy tales

The best German fairy tales are not always the version we thought we knew….

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Where did he escape to from the bunker?

You know who I mean…. (courtesy once again of the Monty Python team)

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The extreme dangers of using a phrase book

Continuing the Monty Python theme… one of their most thigh-slappingly hilarious clips is the Hungarian phrase book sketch. This is what most of us ex pats experience on arrival in a new country, because the phrasebook never quite communicates what you were expecting to say….


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Eating out in Germany

can be a totally, mindbogglingly out of body unique experience. As this clip shows….


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Germany versus Greece – philosophy football

As the entire household settles down in front of the TV tonight, chilled beers at the ready, to watch the Germany v. Turkey match in the European Championships… my mind goes back to that very famous game between Germany and Greece…. Monty Python’s Philosophy Football.



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