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The war on string…

… may be unwinnable…

cat germany

cat germany

cat germany


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My cat is an alien…

I think he may even have started to infiltrate the ginger one too.

If I don’t post for  a while, call in Sigourney Weaver!


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What do you mean…

cats are no good at gardening?

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I seem to have acquired a new cat temporarily!

OK.  So I’m weird.  I have six cats.

Here are a couple of them – the dinner-suit boys.

Well this morning I suddenly found this in my kitchen.

It seems that my eldest daughter is going to Karneval as a black and white cat.

Tuna for lunch then.


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A very happy birthday

It was my birthday at the weekend.

On Friday my husband suddenly announced that he was taking me for an impromptu weekend trip to Bruges in Belgium – so we flung a few clothes into a bag and off we toddled.

If anyone hasn’t visited Bruges… it’s one of those things you must do before you die. The entire city consists for medieval streets, houses, pubs, churches and public buildings. All of them are beautiful and many absolutely breathtaking in their loveliness. It’s like walking into a medieval timewarp – the sense of history is overwhelming.

What’s more… the town is alive. It’s not a museum, or a Disneyland. There are real people living their day-to-day lives in these houses and these streets.

We had a fabulous birthday lunch on the St. Stevinplaats and then wandered around the town, browsing the shops, marvelling at the buildings and the canals.

There were two other highlights of the day. One was a very specially made gift from my daughter – a mug she had printed with a photo-montage of photos she took of our various cats.

The other highlight was finding this lovely review of Planet Germany on Andie’s blog. What a fabulous surprise… it really made my already perfect day!


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Kittens exploring the garden

We decided to keep three of the kittens in the end. This week they had their debut in the big wide outdoor world.

It’s been wonderful watching them explore their new domain. The sheds and woodstores have been popular – there are some great hiding places.

Helping (ahem) with the gardening is also a new favourite pastime.

And of course… whenever a plantpot gets knocked over, or a bag of potting compost ripped….

…it wasn’t me! Honest!


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Help! Did the cat recruit my husband?

You already know that my daughter’s cat is currently under suspicion of being a nazi infiltrator in our household. Well, I suspect that he’s now started to expand his influence within the household… let me explain.

Over the past week or so, my dear husband has been suffering from a bad cold. Now, those of you who either are male or live with one of that species will know that the combination of a man and a bad cold is a pretty serious proposition. We’re talking about a man-cold here. For those who are not aware of the severity of this… I’ve included a short clip to remind you.

Now… it so happens that this man-cold has caused my husband to blow his nose a lot – and he has a sore area directly below his nostrils. As a result of this a scab has formed there. And he is unable to shave the centre part of his upper lip.

Now obviously at first (following the advice of the video) I was sympathetic. I made chicken soup. I said “Poor bunny” and “Can I fetch you something.”

But then, this morning, I happened to catch sight of something that made my blood run cold. I saw my husband stroking the cat.

It all made sense now… the cold must be some form of cat flu, brought into the house deliberately to infect the humans with Hitler-moustaches. The two of them are in league! Before we know it the kittens will have been recruited too and then the Anschluß of next door’s garden will start in earnest.

You have been warned!


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