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OK OK we got it, Bild!

The problem with the German joke is that it stops being funny when it has to be explained, at length, over a period of days. (Assuming it was funny in the first place).

This appears now to be Bild’s strategy this week in it’s response to the Sun’s original How German are you quiz, based on research that shows 50% of Brits have German genes.

Today Bild is running a story under the title: Oh ja! Wir Engländer sind ja wirklich very peinlich (Oh yes. We English really are very embarrassing). They obviously sent a Bild hack round a bunch of British tourists in Majorca and asked them to do the Bild quiz.

The thing about the Bild quiz was (and this bit was funny, Bild) that all of the multiple choice options gave the same answer. You are totally English.  Not surprising, really,  when there were answers like:

What is your favourite drink?

a: Beer

b: Beer


(And let’s not forget the original premise: 50% of Brits have German genes… so  I don’t think we need to look far to find out where any national liking for beer comes from).

Similarly with the question:

How do you shoot penalties?

a:  Past the left post

b:  Past the right post

c:  Over the bar

That must be our German genes at work too – as illustrated in this clip….


Is anyone going for the last word, or can we move on to slagging off the French yet?

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The Germans answer back…

After yesterday’s How German are you? quiz in The Sun, the Germans have responded. Today’s Bild is offering a test where people can check whether they are real Brits or not.

Fortunately due to a broken link, there is currently only one question at the moment:

What can you talk about for weeks on end?

a: The colour of the Queen’s hat?

b: A bridesmaid’s backside?

c: Whether a ball which was obviously not over the line was actually a goal?

Only one's milliner knows one's secret...


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How many German stereotypes can you mention in 50 seconds?


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