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It doesn’t have to be Aldi…

Today I was down in Düsseldorf, so I took the opportunity to pick up some groceries in the Altstadt.

First stop was the bakery. As with all the best German bakeries, there was a baffling array of different types of bread, and of course I wanted to try them all. In the end I settled on the Senfkrüste as well as a crusty white.

German bakery

Next, on to the market on the Carlsplatz. I decided not to stop at the butcher’s today…

… because to go with that bread I really wanted some nice cheese…

After the e-coli scare, at least salad is back on the menu again…

The fresh asparagus was tempting…

But in the end it was the mushrooms which beckoned…

…with fresh herbs…

…and of course some fine ingredients for a dressing… including the famous Düsseldorfer Senf (mustard)…

So that’s dinner sorted. What are you having? 😉



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Mushroom season in Germany!

It’s my favourite time of the year again. As the summer draws to a close the shops and the market stalls start to fill up with mushrooms.

Of course proper Germans don’t buy mushrooms. They put on their hiking boots and head off to the fields and woods to pick their own. Good mushrooming locations are passed down like guilty secrets in families, told only to trustworthy members of the next generation, who are sworn to eternal secrecy.

Germans also tend to be fairly well versed in the identification of edible versus non-edible varieties. While unsuspecting Brits would probably wipe out three generations of their family with one home-picked mushroom omelette, Germans usually survive the experience to tell the tale. If in doubt, the local Apotheke (pharmacy) will offer a professional mushroom identification service.

Being an ex-pat Brit, I have to admit that I just buy my mushrooms at the local market, fry them up in butter with a hint of garlic and some fresh herbs and serve with a fresh salad from the garden.

But one day… if I ever become German enough to be initiated into the secrets of the mushroom pickers… I shall join the ranks of the elite.. the teutonic mushroom harvesters.

Baskets at dawn?


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A very unique recipe

This week Birgit and I had some business visitors. So I asked my husband to cook lunch for everybody.

Knowing better than to leave the choice of menu entirely up to him, I whizzed down to the supermarket and bought the kind of ingredients that any culinary ignoramous can’t mess up. Right? Pasta, mushrooms, cream, salad. Everything that you’d need for a nice pasta and mushroom sauce with a crisp salad on the side.

But I hadn’t reckoned with the ambitious cunning of my husband. You see, as he rarely gets chance to cook, whenever he does get free rein in the kitchen, he likes to add a little flair to his recipes. So while the rest of us were sitting around a flip chart talking about business processes, he was searching the internet for exotic ways to jazz up a mushroom sauce.

When we came in for lunch, I have to say though, that he was looking a little nervous. My fourteen year old son was standing by the cooker declaring: “It’s inedible. It’s a complete disaster!”

On first inspection though, I thought it didn’t look at all bad. It was recognisably a mushroom sauce, and the pasta was done to perfection.

What I’d failed to spot was the mysterious addition of “ingredient Z” to the mushrooms.

On first taste it was obvious that something was very wrong.

“What did you put in this?” I asked, appalled.

Birgit piped up immediately: “Is this an English speciality? What else can you expect from a nation that lays carpet in its bathrooms!”

“Have a guess.” I can see my husband starting to sweat.


“Erm. No. Actually it was Baileys.”

“Baileys? You put Baileys in the mushrooms?”

Trust me, readers, this is not a recipe recommendation. Baileys and mushrooms goes together about as well as would marmelade and prawns, or banana and pickled gherkins. I know, I’ve tried it. I hope you never have to.

Praise be to the spare jar of pesto in the cupboard!


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