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Is it a plant, is it an alien?

I’ve mentioned before that I’m growing my own salad and vegetables this year.

In keeping with my infiltration of German society, I thought I’d better grow some proper German veg. And what could be more German than having your garden full of kohlrabi?

Well… that’s what I thought until they started to turn into aliens… right there in my vegetable patch! Seriously… some are purple and some are green… but they’ve all got tentacles… or possibly antennae. I can’t sleep at night as I’m expecting them to invade the kitchen any minute. If I don’t post again, you’ll know they got me….


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German Mothers’ Day

Tomorrow is German Mothers’ Day. I wonder what my kids are preparing…. I suspect something like this is happening somewhere in the house…


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At this time of the year

I’m in danger of losing my house. One of these days I’ll have to take the shears to the foliage, just so I can get in!


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