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Furry Germans, uncultured Brits

What do you remember about German music in the early 1980s?

I’ve tried this question on a number of Germans and Brits… and the answer which both groups have in common is usually Nena.

But what do people remember about Nena? Well… the Germans remember Nena as the beautiful singer of the 99 Luftballons who they all secretly had a crush on. Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it – I’ve pasted the German version because it’s better than the English 99 Red Balloons.

When you ask the Brits what they remember Nena for, the answer is invariably: Hairy armpits.

Beautiful hair...

Beautiful hair...

No mention of the siren voice, the stage presence, the energy and dance routines…. no, just hairy armpits.

I wonder how I will go down in posterity? No… on second thoughts I’d rather not know.


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