It’s that time of the year again…

… Yes, late Summer. When the Christmas stuff starts appearing in the German supermarkets.

Lebkuchen and other Christmas goodies

Seasonal fare, unseasonally early…

They’ve still got all the Oktoberfest produce in too.

Muenchener Weisswurst

Weisswurst in Lederhosen? What?

I only popped in for a carton of milk!


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2 responses to “It’s that time of the year again…

  1. I thought these traditions didn’t happen outside of Bavaria? Have they spread to West Germany?

  2. After having moved here 25 years ago from the UK, I can remember that back then Christmas products were rarely found in the German shops until December. This as you state is no longer the case. (I am constantly nagging my husband for buying Lebkuchen in October!) Also interesting to note the huge selection of halloween products now available in Germany.

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