Banging on about Germans and sunbeds

After I posted about how I don’t like people banging on about the war (but couldn’t help laughing at the Dambusters ad) someone pointed out to me that there are actually two Dambusters ads!

So I went and looked and sure enough – there’s another one. This one bangs on about sunbeds.

Now I have to admit that my experience of beach holidays is pretty much restricted to my youth.

For a start, there were no Germans on the beaches around Blackpool and Morecombe. They have more sense than to go somewhere where your beach outfit consists of a fisherman’s rainjacket, wellingtons and a souwester.

Secondly, there were no beach loungers. At best there were some of those windbreaker constructions… though in my experience they don’t give you much protection against driving sleet.

So while we huddled in our boarding house (the etymology of which must relate to playing endless board games while waiting for the rain to stop) we were definitely not worried about anyone plonking a towel anywhere on the beach ahead of us. Anyway – in Morecombe the sea is at least half a day’s walk across the beach – there would have been space for the entire population of Germany on it, with elbow room to spare!

But I digress… what you wanted to see was the clip right? Well, here it is.


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3 responses to “Banging on about Germans and sunbeds

  1. Please join me tomorrow, April 9th for a celebration on Dackel Princess!

  2. Hello Cathy, I just clicked your link through to Amazon and ordered your book as well as a few others, hopefully you get credit for all.

    One of the reviews of your book says that people should read it BEFORE moving to Germany… well, I’m a bit late on that one. But I’m sure I’ll enjoy it if it is anything like your blog.

  3. cartooncat

    Wow! Thank you Snooker! I really appreciate that.

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